Grade-2 worksheets – Printable Worksheets for Grade-2 Kids

Grade 2 Worksheets has a wide variety of worksheets. Parents and teachers will find these printable worksheets very useful for kids. In second grade, most children practice skills learned in earlier grades and begin to use them with ease. Our math worksheets are ideal for mastering the basic skills in addition, subtraction and multiplication. They are perfect for solving different types of problems on lessons like fraction, graph and tally. Kids get an opportunity to enhance their English language skills and to improve their spelling and vocabulary. Our wide range of science worksheets help to sharpen science skills and get a better understanding of lessons on the solar system, food chain and personal hygiene and more.

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Grade-1 worksheets – Printable Worksheets for Grade-1 Kids

Grade 1 Worksheets

Our range of online, printable worksheets for Grade 1, make your kid’s learning experience much more effective and enriching. They enhance the child’s abilities in math, English and science. Kids learn and practice math skills and concepts about time, money, numbers, fraction, graph and tally. Worksheets on popular science lessons include food chain, transports, dinosaurs, personal hygiene and the solar system. We offer language worksheets that give a clear understanding of describing words, nouns, homophones and sight words. They cover important language areas of comprehension, grammar, structure and vocabulary. Worksheets aim to promote fluency both in speaking and writing the English language.

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Kindergarten worksheets – Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten Kids

Kindergarten Worksheets

Teachers and parents can benefit greatly from our wide range of printable kindergarten worksheets. They help kids acquire basic literary and math skills; learn about the environment and prepare kids for going to the first grade. Specially designed English language worksheets help kids in comprehension and building vocabulary. Kids learn letters, vowels, sight words, compound words, spellings, basic grammar and more. Worksheets help acquire math skills. Kids practice addition and subtraction and solve simple problems. They learn about numbers, time, days, months, money and more. Science worksheets include transports, seasons and farm animals, among other topics. They make learning fun and engaging for kids.

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English Worksheets for Kindergarteners

We offer kids a wide range of fun and colorful online printable worksheets. Kids worksheets includes coloring worksheets, number and letter writing worksheets and counting worksheets for all grades. These practice worksheets enable kids to enhance their skills in math, science and language. First and second grade worksheets include sequencing worksheets, fraction worksheets, vowel and spelling worksheets, and a wide range of science worksheets. The teachers and parents can download the worksheets and give it to the kids to learn and have fun.

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